Home Automation (Smart Houses)

man controls electric features of his smart house from a tabletHome Automation is simply building automation for a residence – sometimes referred to as a “Smart House.” These “smart” home systems can be used to control lighting, regulate climate or Heating-Ventilating-Air Conditioning systems (HVAC), manage entertainment systems, operate appliances (there are lots of “smart” refrigerators, washers and dryers these days!) and monitor home security. We have even installed a system that allowed the customer to change his pool’s water temperature from his smart phone when he was out of town!

At Echo Electric Company, we have collaborated with the area’s leading home automation companies to install every kind of system, large and small. Some of these smart house systems were new projects, some were retrofits, some allowed the owner to change the color of his accent lighting to match the seasons…

Are you planning on installing a big screen TV on your wall or building a home theater? We can help with either!

Would you like to operate your home’s lighting with scene control? Program your laundry room light to come on when you carry the clothes basket in? We’ve installed them all.

If someone rings your doorbell, will your cell phone connect you with a video of them? If it’s your Mom, you could unlock your front door with your phone to let her in.

Maybe you aren’t sure you locked the house before flying across the country. You can check on your house and keep it secure from your phone or tablet – even from 30,000 feet over the Rockies.

Please feel free to contact our experts to discuss any type of home automation project you have in mind.