Electric Service Upgrades

grey electric box installed from electric service upgradesHave you ever wondered if your current electric service had enough capacity to handle all the new types of electric loads that recent technological advances have introduced into today’s average home?

If you live in an older home, your electric service probably lacks the capacity to power all your smart appliances, computers, and device chargers. If your home is more than 20 years old, its electric service was designed for a time when we did not have cell phones, computers, food processors, etc. that were plugged into every available receptacle. Last century, you may have had a TV plugged in with rabbit ears on top. These days, just the modern entertainment system has a 50 inch or larger TV, a cable box, a DVR or Blu-Ray player, a video game console, a surround sound system, and potentially more electronic devices… and that could be in just in one location!

At Echo Electric Company we specialize in determining whether your electric service is correctly sized for your home and all your appliances and electronic systems. We perform electric service upgrades to the proper capacity while we replace any outdated equipment. We have completed “heavy ups” of every size, ranging from a 150-amp service in a condo to a church and school complex, where we installed a 3000-amp service.

  • If your lights dim when your air conditioning turns on or when you run the washing machine, you probably have an electric service that is under-sized…
  • If the electric cables on the outside of your home showing signs of wear or have deteriorating insulation, you may be facing a fire hazard…

In either case, give us a call, we will guide you through the process of working with your local power company to complete any service repairs and potential upgrades as quickly and efficiently as possible.