Trenching and Buried Wires

Many of the jobs we do require buried wires. The main service to the home may be underground. This is often installed by the power company, but more and more we have seen them require the conduit be pre-installed by the contractor. The gate operators that we install require power lines to be run underground from the house out to the gate. In addition to power wiring, there is often the need to run a telephone wire out there for communication or a video cable for a camera.

Often, a client will want power to a detached garage or shed. In rural areas there are often outbuildings or stables that require power. In such cases, long power runs are subject to voltage drop. We are experienced with all types of underground wire, the calculations required to maintain the proper voltage, and the code or power company requirements. We will work with a general contractor on a job site to install underground power, telephone, or cable as needed. We have even run a fiber optic cable several miles, to provide a video monitor system for a gate camera.

Another application for buried wiring is to provide landscape lighting, walkway lights, or parking lot lighting. We are experienced with poured concrete bases for pole lights or just setting a front post light in concrete so it will stand up straight forever. We can help design outdoor lighting for a home, such as up-lighting to accent trees, or flood lighting for basketball courts, tennis courts, and driveways. A steep driveway might call for some heat mats or other ice-melt cables, and we've worked with asphalt and concrete paving contractors to install these systems.

Finally, sometimes underground wiring gets cut or is otherwise compromised by tree roots or water. We can trace the underground wire with our locator instrument and replace or repair the damaged section. When it comes to underground wiring or service, we're experienced in every aspect and for every situation.