Solar Energy Systems

Go green and save money, too!

Within the last several years, alternative energy systems in general, and solar or photovoltaic (PV) systems in particular, have become more popular with the increasing prices of oil, gas, and all petroleum products. Now the rebates and tax credits from Federal, state, and county governments have increased to a larger percentage of the cost of installing a PV system. Even the power companies are offering rebates to commercial customers because they need credits to meet Federal alternative energy requirements.

Due to the added incentives, if you plan to remain in your present home or business location for at least 10 years, this might be the time to invest in a solar system to cut your electrical energy costs. We are actively involved in the electrical wiring of these systems, to tie the inverters that transform the solar power in to your existing home or building electrical system. We work closely with several companies that design the system and install the solar panels. They can tell you how much you will save annually and help you apply for your rebates.

This relatively new technology has required a complete new section in the National Electrical Code and often, especially in commercial applications, an in-depth understanding of the codes, as they pertain to PV systems, is needed. We know what we’re doing and can refer you to the best solar installation specialists in the business for the complete package, including permits, engineering (if necessary), measurement of power savings, solar panels, inverters, and final hookup.

We have wired many new systems in Washington, D.C. and throughout Maryland including: Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County, Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Calvert County, and Queen Annes County. We have the experience to do your PV System right.


roof before panels

roof before solar panels

solar panel array

solar box