Backup Power and Generators

Keep the lights on during power outages!

Residential Generators

You can be sure your family is comfortable in spite of a prolonged power outage whether due to a snow and ice storm, wind storm, or a heat wave. We can provide and install a home standby generator to run your entire home or just your most vital home systems. Out expert estimator will work with you according to your needs and budget, to determine the proper size generator, the best location on your property, coordinate delivery and hookups, and provide a maintenance contract.

If you wish, you can simply start an inexpensive gasoline powered generator, plug it into an outside outlet, and manually switch over to a few pre-selected circuits. At the other extreme, you can operate you entire home, including heat or air conditioning with a natural gas generator. An automatic transfer switch starts the generator and power production is taken over at the first sign of an outage; it also "exercises" the generator once a week to make sure it will start when it is needed. Either way, we will help you decide how many kilowatts you need, suggest a grand of generator (Cummins Onan, Kohler, Generac), and provide you with a complete proposal for your Home Standby System.

Commercial Generators & UPS Systems

We can also provide and install backup power systems for your business or professional office. Often, critical procedures cannot be interrupted, such as those performed by doctor or dental practices, or computer critical operations. Sometimes, for any business, just too much revenue may be lost if a power outage lasts several days, because your phones or your mechanical lifts don't operate. No matter what your situation, we can keep your business from losing money with a backup generator or an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS).